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Uboxes provides everything you need to make your next move as easy as possible. By shipping directly from the factory, Uboxes can offer you super-low online prices for all sorts of moving boxes. And shipping is always free! Getting ready to pack up your kitchen? Order extra-strong, double-wall kitchen boxes to handle even your heaviest pots and pans and small appliances. Available kitchen kits also feature special partitioned dividers to keep your glasses, including fragile stemware, in one piece! Other moving kits feature money-saving combinations of all the boxes you need to pack up just about any size room, including wardrobe boxes for bedrooms. Items such as SmartMove tape, bubble wrap and packing paper can also be purchased in these handy kits or separately as needed. Every box sold by Uboxes is sturdy enough to survive your move, whether you’re heading to a new home across town, across the country or on another continent!


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