1. Healthy Buyer’s Club
The Healthy Buyer’s Club combines the savings of a bulk grocery store with the convenience of online shopping. The membership gives you access to bulk prices for Household Traditions, Tropical Traditions, and Grass-Fed Traditions in one place. Recent savings include a deal on bulk Lady Finger Popcorn, Grass-Fed Ground Bison, and organic spices. Shoppers will find deals on food and personal care items as well as on household goods and books.

2. Refer and Save
Tropical Traditions takes the concept of refer-a-friend one step further than most companies do. Instead of confining you to referring just your own circle of friends, you can earn coupons for $25 worth of merchandise for anyone you send their way. Here's how it works: If you keep a blog or a website, you can generate special Tropical Tradition links to post on your site. If someone clicks on your referral link and then buys something in the process, the company will credit your account with a $25 gift certificate. Any subsequent orders that result from that new customer earns you rewards points worth 3% of that person's purchase price.

3. Social Media Savvy
Social media connects Tropical Traditions shoppers with helpful tips and exotic deals. Recently, TT posted information on its Facebook page for 50% off sale on Benefect Hand Sanitizer. Twitter followers were treated to a Buy One, Get One Free offer on Coconut Cream Concentrate. The company's Google Plus account announced sales and deals plus recipes for natural shampoos and body washes, proving that it pays to get social.