1. Apply for the Travelocity American Express Rewards Credit Card

Card holders can earn 5,000 points on their first Travelocity credit card purchase, and 3 points on any purchase through Travelocity’s web site. In addition, members receive 1 point for every other purchase on their card. Once 5,000 points have been accumulated they can be redeemed for hotels, flights, and vacation packages from Travelocity.

2. Be on the Lookout for Coupon Deals.

Sign up for emails from Travelocity and receive special coupons and rates. In addition, customers can download the mobile app which has exclusive offers and ways to book hotels on their smartphones and laptops.

3. Weekly 48hr. Sale Tuesday – Wednesday

Travelocity offers exclusive sales Tuesday through Wednesday where customers can score limited time discount offers on flights and hotels.

4. Travelocity Price Match Guarantee.

All Travelocity members are eligible for the price match guarantee. If you find a cheaper flight, hotel, or vacation package elsewhere Travelocity will refund the full price and send you a $50 travel coupon that can be used on your next booking.