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Tools For Flooring knows that few improvements add to the value of a home the way a quality floor does. After all, there must be a reason that all those real estate “want ads” tout a hardwood floor or wall-to-wall carpeting or even heated flooring. And a good floor isn’t just attractive to a new homebuyer. It can add thousands of dollars to the bottom line for the home seller. In other words, it’s an important job to get done right. As a serious DIYer or flooring professional, you know this. Fortunately, Tools For Flooring carries everything you need. No kidding. It has everything from ceramic cutters for the bathroom to the plywood underlayment for your basement. And these aren’t just any flooring materials and equipment brands. They count among the most respected in the industry. You’ll recognize names like Gundlach and Crain. But Tools For Flooring offers you more than just the right jamb saw and a large selection of name brand products. From the start of your flooring project until the last tile is put down, Tools For Flooring adds value to all your flooring projects.