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Anonymous 9 months ago (10/28/2014)

MJ verified on 10/28/14 at Title Boxing

Anonymous 12 months ago (7/30/2014)

MJ verified on 7/30/14 at Title Boxing

Anonymous 13 months ago (6/19/2014)

Tested 6/19/14 by mk.

Anonymous 16 months ago (3/19/2014)

MJ verified at Title Boxing on 3/19/14

mj 22 months ago (9/30/2013)

Tested on Fighting Sports Amateur Boxing Set 3

mj 23 months ago (8/20/2013)

Tested on TITLE Poly-Micro Champ Warm-Up Suit

mj 24 months ago (8/02/2013)

Tested on Wild Card Boxing Tag Tee

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If you live in Kansas City, you're in the midst of greatness, as it's home to the largest boxing and MMA Super Store in the world, Title Boxing! For the rest of us who aren't in Kansas anymore, or who maybe never have been, we still have access to their entire inventory at discount prices. Whether you're looking for gloves, bags shoes or accessories, Title Boxing has the equipment and gear you need to put your dukes up and throw down hard. They carry top brands like TITLE, Reyes, Rival, Nike, Jordan, Adidas and more, and help you look your best with a selection of casual and performance wear from brands like Affliction, Jaco, Venum and more.