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Excuse me, can you tell me what time it is? If you’re sporting a Timex watch, I’m sure you’re asked this question on a regular basis. The most trusted and well-known brand since 1854, Timex features an iconic American heritage melded with timeless designs and innovative technology. For over 160 years, Timex has been combining classic Italian design with cutting-edge German engineering to create the most stylish and reliable timepieces on the market. Timex features the perfect watch for everyone. Fitness buffs can track your laps and measure your speed with the TIMEX IRONMAN collection. For adventurers, the Expedition watch is shock-resistant and virtually indestructible. The Weekender collection has hundreds of casual combinations with reversible straps, and the Intelligent Quartz collection features exras such as chronographs, fly-back movement and INDIGLO light-up technology. Whether you’re headed to the locker room or the boardroom, Timex has the right watch for you.