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Anonymous 38 months ago (9/16/2012)

what kind of deal is this. Who set this up? How do you use it withou something on paper>

Yvonne Vyas 40 months ago (7/23/2012)

Love to eat at Tijuana Flats. The hot sauces are also awsome.

Anonymous 41 months ago (6/27/2012)

how to print??

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I am constantly searching for the perfect quesadilla. You know, homemade tortillas, just the right amount of cheese and enough spice to keep things interesting. The next place to visit in my quesadilla quest will definitely be Tijuana Flats, a chain of Mexican restaurants with a menu that’s simple yet spicy. In addition to their famous quesadillas, they have awesome bean burritos, chimichangas and something called Cookie Dough Flautas, which sounds completely amazing. They also have a line of world-renowned hot sauces not for the faint of heart. Join me in my quest and go to Tijuana Flats.


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