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Shelves. You probably don’t think much about them until you need them. And then, they might look okay, but the function often trumps looking good. However, at The Shelving Store, the shelves boast interesting designs, and they function even better than they look. For you ardent industrial design fans, The Shelving Store carries the shelves you so depend on to store heavy items like tools, heavy cooking appliances or a rockhound’s rock collection. But The Shelving Store also keeps funky storage options in stock, too. Think school-style lockers. Think decorative wooden shelves. Think wall-mounted glass shelves. And The Shelving Store also stands out as a place to find other kinds of furniture. Look on The Shelving Store’s website for every type of furniture, from wine racks to bedroom furniture. Since its inception in 2007, The Shelving Store has been the place to go for the shelving and organization solutions you need.