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With a wide range of products to assist with daily living challenges in our twilight years, firstSTREET markets itself to “baby boomers and beyond.” Targeting customers with an average age of 65, firstSTREET partners with well-known brands like Jitterbug phones and Jacuzzi walk-in tubs, as well as offering its own line of products to make elderly living easier, like Easy Climber stair lifts and Freedom Cycle bicycles. Whether you’re concerned with personal safety and mobility or a caregiver for someone facing these challenges, you can find many products to make day-to-day life easier at firstSTREET. Their products range from furniture to personal care products to electronics like full-page magnifying lights and amplified phones. Although baby boomers are their specialty, you can also shop here for different and fun gift items for all ages, including a selection of unique toys and games for kids.