Typical Discounts

Email Newsletter

Tea lovers will want to sign up for the Teavana email newsletter. Learn about delicious teas, receive notice about sales and find out about new products that will help you enjoy tea. Sign-up is located in the bottom left-hand corner of their homepage.

Free Shipping

Check the Teavana website to see if they are running a free shipping promotion; they often offer complimentary shipping when your total order exceeds a designated amount. Purchase teas, gifts and more to enjoy complimentary delivery. Shoppers can occasionally find coupons right here on Ultimate Coupons that offer free shipping with a minimum purchase, some of which include dollar or percentage-off savings.

Rewards Card

Register a Teavana or Starbucks gift card to start accumulating stars toward a free purchase. Once you register, you will receive one star per transaction. Bonus stars are awarded periodically. Those who like to enjoy multiple cups of tea in one sitting will love this perk: receive free refills of any brewed tea while you are in-store.

Typical Coupons

The most common coupon codes offer dollar-off savings with minimum purchase. Sometimes, these coupons include free shipping. Teavana also offers percentage-off coupons that target specific merchandise. Shoppers can occasionally even find coupons for free gifts with minimum purchase.

Auto-Delivery Discount

For shoppers who drink tea regularly, auto-delivery is a convenient way to save money. Simply fill out the online form to indicate the teas you want and your desired delivery frequency. Teavana offers 5% off when you use this service, and it is easy to change the frequency or tea order at any time.

Creative Deal Hunting

Social Media

Visit the Teavana Facebook and Twitter pages to read about products and advertised promotions. Shoppers can also find promotions on their Google+ page. Past offers have included up to 50% off qualifying items. Be sure to view their ‘Special Offers’ on Pinterest too.

Birthday Discounts

Teavana offers birthday discounts to members of its rewards program. Check your email for birthday promotions during your birth month if you are a member.

How Experts Save Even More

Holiday Sales

Post-Christmas sales provide substantial savings for Teavana shoppers. In the past, some items have been discounted up to 50% off.

Online vs. In-Store

There is very little difference between deals available online and in-store. Online shoppers can greatly benefit with the auto-delivery service though, netting an extra 5% off that in-store shoppers miss out on.