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Tarpa Flex is a family owned company specialized in high quality tarps.

Tarpa Flex Coupons


Germish is correct - ring in sales (option1) tell the nice lady you're about to place your order and ask in they have a coupon for that month. She will say "for 10% off?" and you say yes - TURTLE in caps gets you basically free delivery (for the cost of a 1 min phone call) whats not to like!! :)

1 month ago (12.08.2014) by TerryLF

TARPAFLEX UK's October 2014 Code is "TURTLE".
Was easy just called their Sales Department and asked what the code is.
I always do this as soon as the checkout shows the possibility of entering coupons.
So far no company has ever refused to hand out this information. Understandable :-)

3 months ago (10.13.2014) by Germish

don't work

6 months ago (7.10.2014) by Enter Your Name

no trabajo

24 months ago (2.09.2013)

not good at all

33 months ago (5.15.2012)

still doesn't work March 2012

34 months ago (3.21.2012)

doesn't work

38 months ago (12.10.2011)