Types of Deals

Leverage Your Old Phone

If you’re looking for a new phone, your used phone might be your ticket to some extra savings. T-Mobile will offer a credit to your bill for many used phones. To get an idea of what yours might be worth, visit their Trade-In page.

Check for Rebates

T-Mobile makes it easy to check for any rebates or gift card offers that apply to the phone or plan you’re looking for, even without asking a sales representative. Just visit their Rebates page and browse their current offers.

Custom Fit Your Plan

If you don’t use your cell phone very often, it may seem extravagant to pay for a standard or unlimited plan. That’s why T-Mobile’s Pay As You Go plan is a great option for those who use less than 400 minutes per month and text or browse the web minimally. Pay As You Go allows you to buy only the minutes you need, paid in advance or settled through a monthly statement (subject to credit approval). Another great alternative in T-Mobile’s plan variety allows you to pay month-to-month without committing to a 2-year contract. That might just be the flexibility you’re looking for if you want to avoid possible cancellation fees. It’s clear that whatever your preferences may be, T-Mobile makes it a breeze to choose a plan that meets your requirements.

Finance Your Phone

T-Mobile now offers monthly financing for your device as long as your credit is approved. If you don’t want to pay in full for your phone up front, or you’d like to avoid signing a contract to receive discounts on your device, this may be a great budgeting option for you.

Browse Sale Items

Discounted accessories and online deals are regularly offered by T-Mobile. To browse current offers, go to their Deals page and see if any items in the selection are right for you. If you don’t find any you like, don’t worry, these change routinely so be sure to check back as new deals are updated.

Take Advantage of Free Shipping

If you prefer not to drive to a T-Mobile store, shopping online for your mobile device is a great option. You won’t pay for the convenience of shopping in your pajamas since T-Mobile.com offers free shipping. They’re currently offering free shipping on all devices including tablets and phones without any minimum purchase requirement. So feel free to stay home, out of busy traffic, and away from those hectic checkout lines!

Creative Deal Hunting

Bring More People

Savings can add up at T-Mobile when you add friends and family members to a single plan. T-Mobile’s family plans offer great discounts over individual rates. The more people you can convince to share your plan, the better the savings get. And since plans have unlimited talk and text, you won’t have to worry about your chatty sister using up all of those precious minutes.

Shop Refurbished Phones

Flexible about your phone choice? There’s always a selection of refurbished phone options on T-Mobile.com, available at a lower price than new models. All refurbished devices are thoroughly inspected, tested, and come with a 90 day warranty. Unhappy with your pick? Along with new T-Mobile phones, you can return refurbished items for up to 20 days after your order.

Check your Eligibility for the Advantage Program

You can cut your cell-phone expenses even more with T-Mobile’s Advantage program. With this program, you’ll receive waived activation fees and discounts on your monthly bill if you’re a student or employed with certain organizations.

How Experts Save Even More

Don’t Pay for Data

If you want to keep those blazing speeds for web browsing on your mobile device, you will be charged an additional monthly fee. However, being strategic with your web surfing choices could avoid this fee altogether. Any downloading you do while connected to a Wi-Fi network will not count towards your high speed broadband allowance, meaning it will just take some diligence on your part to save on this portion of your bill.

Keep Your Phone

T-Mobile’s new plan structures finally break up that longstanding phone-plus-plan relationship. Charges for a new phone show up as a completely separate line item on your bill, and once the phone is paid for, that additional cost disappears. But you can also avoid paying it in the first place. T-Mobile happily allows you to bring your own phone with you when you purchase one of their plans, which start at $50 for unlimited minutes and texts. So if you’re not particular about having the latest, greatest, device, keeping the phone you have could save you a pretty penny. This also frees you up to shop around if you are looking for a new device, comparing T-Mobile prices with those at other retailers. The great part is, you can check online to see if your phone is compatible with their network.