1. Trade In and Save

If you’re looking for a new phone your used one might be your ticket to some extra savings. To get an idea of what yours might be worth, click on “Trade in program” at the bottom of the T-Mobile homepage. Then trade in your old phone and look for a credit on your T-Mobile bill.

2. Sign Up Friends and Family

Savings can add up at T-Mobile when you invite friends and family members to join a single plan. T-Mobile’s Simple Choice family plans offer discounts of up to 20% per line over individual rates. The more lines you need, the better the savings get. And since these plans have unlimited talk and text, you won’t have to worry about your chatty sister using up all of those precious minutes.

3. Get Military, Government Discounts

Members of the military and employees of local, state and national government agencies can sign up for the T-Mobile Advantage program. In addition to waived activation fees the program offers a 15% discount on monthly rate plans for every line on an account. You can also get reimbursed for any early termination fee you may have to pay to another carrier in order to switch to T-Mobile.