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Anonymous 18 months ago (4/13/2014)

Wow, how generous of them to ship gift cards for free, considering it only costs one stamp to ship them.....eyeyeye......this company needs to realize that most other stores offer FREE shipping-many even FREE RETURN SHIPPING!

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The Sundance Mountain Resort in Utah was purchased by Robert Redford in 1969, with the vision of creating a place devoted to art, culture, spirit and service. The resort fosters a community of artisans and artists who create and sell their unique individual wares to tourists. For those unable to visit Sundance's beautiful mountain setting in person, the Sundance Catalog provides the opportunity to purchase these unique items. For years, these handmade items were only available in a tiny store at the base of the mountain, but eventually the resort became inundated with requests from people wanting to purchase things they had seen there. So Robert Redford gathered together a team of colleagues and artists and began publishing the first mail order Sundance Catalog in 1989. The catalog's wares, including one-of-a-kind jewelry, apparel, home decor and gifts, are now also available for shopping at the Sundance Catalog website.