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Stuffed Safari Stuffed Safari is an online specialty store that features an extensive selection of plush animals and high quality stuffed animals. You can choose from a variety of learning toys, including puzzles, action play sets, classic toys and blocks, games and scientific toys.

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Tested on Giant Plush Anaconda 118 Inch Jumbo Stuffed Snake by Fiesta

4 months ago (11.26.2013) by CM

this is expired!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

7 months ago (9.09.2013)

Tested on Tested on Opossum Finger Puppet by Folkmanis Puppets

7 months ago (8.30.2013) by CM

This one doesn't currently work as of 3-20-12

25 months ago (3.20.2012)

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