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Let's put to rest the ill-conceived notion that students can't travel because it's too expensive. In the real world, maybe there's some element of truth to that - but in Student Universe? Totally the opposite, thank you very much. Book flights, trains, hotels, tours and more, all at reasonable prices completely in line with the average student's income (or lack thereof). With a single click, Student Universe compares prices to find you the best deal for your next major (or first ever) cross-country or 'round-the-world excursion. And you may as well take advantage of being a student in other ways, too, by clicking around the deals page and scoring discounts on everything from the mundane (computers and textbooks) to the highly exciting by comparison (music and food). Traveling with pals? Let them take the guesswork out of finding reasonable airfare for you and your pack. It really is your universe, isn't it?