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Do you detest clutter but love your PC? If so, you'll love Stardock. This company produces the Fences software program, which allows you to de-clutter your desktop with only a couple of clicks, literally. Double-click any blank space on your desktop and your icons disappear. Double-click again and they reappear. You can also arrange your desktop into fenced (essentially category), shaded areas. So even with a full desktop, it’s never cluttered. It’s organized. Stardock also produces a program called Multiplicty that will make your brain flip. It allows you to control two PCs with only one keyboard and one mouse. What?!? And, Stardock caters to gamers as well, selling a number of PC strategy games. In Galactic Civilizations, you can build an empire that dominates the galaxy through conquest or diplomacy. With Fallen Enchantress, you are one of a few beings who can channel magic from shards of power, scattered across the world. Incredible software, stunning games. This company certainly lives up to the “star” in its name.