1. Sportsman's Guide Buyer's Club

Smart sportsmen save 10% every day when they sign up for the Buyer's Club Email Subscription. Just pay the small yearly fee of $29.99 and in return, save $10 immediately on your next purchase of $99 or more. What's more, the club’s regular emails give shoppers a heads up about special deals and prices not available to non-club members. Some recent examples include a space heater for $70, normally a $150 value and waterproof boots for $87 ($100 value). Club members even have their own exclusive sign-in page to ensure that they save plenty of dough.

2. Credit Card Savings

People who sign up for a Sportsman's Guide Visa card get an extra 2.5% off their purchases. Members can earn 1,000 Reward Points ($10 Rewards Certificate Value) when they use their cards for other purchases. Reward points show up on their billing statements. Buyers can use these rewards to buy items from the Sportsman’s Guide catalog and website. Visa holders also get $5 off on shipping when their cards come to them in the mail.