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SportChek has a four-word motto: Your Better Starts Here. This short, get-to-it statement gets straight to the point. You don't need much to be better, to do better. And for you sports fans, weekend warriors, players, SportChek offers you everything you need to get better. Better at ball. Better at bike. Better just because. The site carries one of Canada's most complete lines of sports apparel, equipment, and team memorabilia. Hikers nab a new pair of shoes and a sturdy backpack for their next trek into the woods. Ball players find equipment for team and individual sports plus the clothing they need to make the play better, more comfortable. Cyclists get their ride on, street or off-road, doesn't matter. And these aren't low-end brands that the company carries -- your better starts with better stuff. Period. SportChek stocks The North Face, Under Armour, and Marmot to name a few. But it also has a large selection of fan apparel as well. Don the jersey of your favorite NHL team. Montreal Canadiens. Ottowa Senators. Boston Bruins. You name the sport. SportChek has fan apparel and accessories for it. And so your better begins.