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It might be the digital age, but it's getting harder and harder to live an anonymous online life. With SpoofCard, disguise is still the name of the game. Pull a prank, fool Caller ID, pretend to have another voice, protect identity, record a call, or deliver a message straight to someone's voicemail box, without worrying they might pick-up. SpoofCard can be used for fun, to trick friends, or for business, to talk to clients without giving out a home or cell number. Want to make the prank even bigger, invite friends to join in for group spoof or add special sound effects for the ultimate laugh. To gain instant access to SpoofCard's services, download the app or simply purchase credits. Join the other 4 million SpoofCard users today, and get the phone fun started with technology that's only a few click away. Available for the iPhone and Android platforms.