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Spirit Airlines prides itself on its commitment to serving passengers reliable air service with super-low fares and customizable upgrades. Start with what Spirit has dubbed its �Bare Fare� and then choose whether or not you wish to add perks like larger or assigned seats, baggage, travel insurance, in-flight food and drinks or packages combining hotels, rental cars, cruises and more. Spirit is a young airline, pioneering the industry with flexible options and some of the newest, most fuel-efficient aircraft. Spirit currently operates over 250 flights daily to more than 50 locations throughout the United States, Latin America, the Caribbean and Canada. Their Free Spirit frequent flier club is free to join, and lets you earn miles and rewards. Upgrade to the $9 Fare Club to save even more, with exclusive discounts on flights, vacation packages and baggage fees. Check the website�s Deals section often for limited-time promotional discounts.