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SpeedyPin offers customers SpeedyPin coupons to make long distance phone calls for lower prices than a traditional home phone or cell phone plan can offer. With SpeedyPin calling cards, no one needs to be out of touch.

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MJ verified on 9/4/14 at SpeedyPin

1 month ago (9.04.2014)

Tested on WLD20-DL

5 months ago (5.05.2014) by mj

Tested on USA to USA calling card

8 months ago (2.03.2014) by mj

Tested on 2 Sky Aries $50 cards

13 months ago (9.06.2013) by mj

Tested on $50 Sky Aries

14 months ago (8.02.2013) by mj

Tested on ARIX50-DL

18 months ago (4.25.2013) by mj

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