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Happy 19 months ago (9/30/2014)

At first didn't work, but I registered as a member before completing checkout and then tried again, and the it worked. Not sure if it is because I needed to be a member to use the code (as implied by the word "welcome") or if it worked because I entered it again after I got to the credit card detail page as the other commenter noted.

Anonymous 20 months ago (8/16/2014)

Yes it works - the trick is - when you copy and paste and apply, it says it doesn't work, but when you actually submit the order, it takes the 10% off. I'm happy!

kyates 22 months ago (7/07/2014)

Worked on a set of strings

Anonymous 40 months ago (1/03/2013)

This only works for one order.

Anonymous 45 months ago (8/21/2012)

didnt work with a string order-

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Expired. Why does Ultimate Coupons show expired coupons?

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