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The SlipCoverShop can make that old sofa look like a charm in a matter of seconds. With its patented Clip-On fastener technology, this retailer’s slipcovers form a great fit and promise a clean front look. You may even forget what your old sofa looked like! And the color, fabric and style options are seemingly endless; choose from solids, floral or geometric patterns, in bold reds, oranges and yellows or traditional blues, browns and grays. Treat yourself to a variety of fabrics from soft cotton and sturdy denim to fun stretch or suede. Pick a fitted or skirted look. And this retailer isn’t just about beautifying your sofa: bring new life to your loveseat, ottoman, futon or chair – wingback, dining, recliner or papasan. To add even more flair to your room, add one of the SlipCoverShop’s ready made pillows, in dozens of colors and fabrics including chenille and leather. You can order straight from the online shop, request a custom-made product or buy fabric by the yard to make it yourself. So, instead of tossing out that old sofa or chair, check out the SlipCoverShop’s fare!