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Skytours is an online travel site owned and operated by former travel agents with 40 years in the business. And it shows. This travel site can find you first-rate flights, car rentals, hotels and vacation packages at the lowest prices. Skytours says it might not be the biggest in the business, but it is the best. Thanks to a booking engine that doesn't just search flights, it compares deals, then gives you the lowest rate plus the most convenient connection times. All this, plus personalized customer service, with real, live human beings, in 30 different languages! No waiting on hold, no automated voice response, no tricky policies or ridiculous rules. Just fast, friendly and personal service every time. Skytours also offers Skyholiday packages to hot destinations like Miami, Las Vegas, NYC, Barcelona and Cancun. It even has tickets -- worldwide soccer, NHL, NBA, MLB and music acts too, like Maroon 5 and Katy Perry. Skytours touts itself as being your very own personal travel agent, without the hassle of meeting in an office. One visit to and you can see: their claim is absolutely right!