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When you're looking for a dose of inspiration, whether it's to motivate yourself or to share as a gift with a friend, Simple Truths has just the right products to get the job done. With over 80 beautifully designed inspirational and motivational books, as well as a large selection of e-books and more than 100 inspirational framed prints, you're sure to find something to remind you of life's inspirations, both great and small. Simple Truths has a particular focus on short books that can be read in under an hour, because people's busy lives tend to keep them from reading longer works even if they really want to. For that reason, Simple Truths has latched onto the concept that less truly is more. In addition to the encouraging and uplifting products sold by Simple Truths, there is also a free repository of over 60 short videos that have been viewed over 100 million times around the world. Simple Truths truthfully places a smile at your fingertips.