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Where else can you go to shop, adopt and plant a tree? Likely nowhere other than ShopNWF. This store is the online retail arm of the National Wildlife Federation (NWF). But you can buy far more than just things here. The NWF offers (symbolic) adoption of animals across the world. Adopt one of most any species. A bird or a bear, lion or llama. Owl or orangutan, snake or shark. With your purchase you get a Certificate of Adoption and a poster of your animal. Or, if you’d rather, you can sponsor a tree. Celebrate or memorialize a love one by having NWF plant a tree in their honor. Sponsored trees are planted throughout the U.S. And, native species are selected to help nature…nurture the wild. You can feel good knowing your purchase supports NWF’s continuing efforts to protect wildlife. And, when you’re done saving the planet, browse around the site for “regular” retail goods like nature-themed bedding and apparel. Eye-popping tees with impressive wildlife designs. Or, choose one of NWF’s popular “Advice From” t-shirts - wearable wisdom from wildlife. Like this advice from a rabbit: eat plenty of greens, know when to be still and not worry, be happy (or hoppy), whatever the case may be!