1. Pay No Shipping
Shop Bop's U.S. customers pay no shipping no matter what day of the week they shop. Orders go out via ground shipping and usually arrive in about three days. Expedited shipping costs a bit more, but is guaranteed, including for next day shipping.

2. Refer Your Friends
Shop Bop shoppers share the wealth and the savings. A referred friend or family member nets you a $25 gift certificate. Once your friends accept your invitation and then purchase an item without returning it, Shop Bop sends you a gift certificate.

3. Price Guarantees
There are two ways you can take advantage of Shop Bop’s lower price guarantees. The first way allows you to get a lower price on a previously purchased item. If you buy something from Shop Bop and find that same item on sale on the Shop Bop site within seven days of your purchase, Shop Bop will adjust your purchase price accordingly.

The second way to save gives you a price match when you shop someplace else. If you find an item that Shop Bop carries and find it cheaper on another retailer’s site, just contact customer service and tell them where you saw the merchandise. Shop Bop will match the lower price. Be sure to read the Price Match Guarantee page for the particulars.