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In the back of a book shop in Berkley California, Shambahla Publications was born. It was the age of The Doors. Woodstock. Sixties enlightenment. Even from its beginnings, Shambahla was as much a product of the counterculture movement as it was about the exchange of diverse ideas and philosophies. While some would call Shambahla Publications counterculture, the real truth is, it was then (and is now) trans-cultural. It's not just about enlightenment -- it's about bringing an enlightened approach to every facet of life. The book publisher features books by world-renowned authors like Pema Chodron, Thích Nh't H'nh, Rabbi Nilton Bonder, and Ken Wilber. These are authors whose works make readers grow and change and think. And Shambahla keeps readers thinking by publishing books on topics close to their hearts. Shambahla publishes books about subjects like Zen Buddhism and mindfulness, arts and culture, Ayurveda cooking, gardening for kids, and philosophy. Because of Shambahla Publications’ diversity, readers can, in turn, create their own trans-cultural experience, learning from and expanding on what the book company in the back of the book shop started all those years ago.