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You love collecting CDs by Kenny G, old collector's editions of "Star Wars," Elvis's albums on vinyl and video games just because, and in an ideal world, you'd even get these items at a low price. If this pop culture fan description fits you, and you haven't yet discovered SecondSpin.com, you're missing out. You'll find all your favorite entertainment offerings on SecondSpin.com on the cheap. And finding your favorite artist’s record on vinyl or collector’s edition of an old movie is a breeze. The SecondSpin.com site allows for searches by collectibles, by category, by artist's name, or by work title. And keeping track of your preferences has never been easier! Just take advantage of the "Personal Favorites" option and every time something comes in by one of your favorite artists, you'll get a heads up. But SecondSpin.com offers you more than just great prices on music, games, and videos. it counts as THE place to go when you want to part with some of your collection. While your love affair with the game or band du jour may have come to an end, selling your wares on SecondSpin.com ensures that someone else's love affair can begin.