Typical Discounts

Email Discounts

When you sign up to become a Sears Member, you are automatically added to their mailing list and will receive exclusive discounts.

Shipping Deals

Sears offers free shipping to customers in a variety of ways. Occasionally, they will hold promotions featuring a free shipping code. If you meet certain conditions, like their $59 minimum spending threshold, you are also eligible for free shipping. Promotion codes do not apply to items exceeding 150 pounds.

Rewards/Credit Card

Applying for a store's credit card is a general way in which customers can save money, and Sears offers one with plenty of benefits. With a Sears Credit Card you earn 10% in points for your first $1000 spent on qualifying purchases in-store and online. The card also makes you eligible for additional discounts not available to other shoppers.

Typical Coupon Discounts

Sears online discounts typically offer a dollar amount or percentage off, and most come combined with free shipping. Coupons tend to be department or even sub-department specific. Sitewide coupons do exist, but they are typically for small dollar amount off. Frequently, coupons will work in multiple fashion categories, but not in other departments. Some coupons are only for Shop Your Way Members, and others allow you to pick either Shop Your Way rewards or a discount.

Typical Sales

You can always count on Sears to have multiple sales going on at once, making it crucial to check both in-store and online for the most savings. There are all kinds of overlapping small sales at all times. Some appear in the customer newsletter, some on the homepage.

Other Merchant-Based Deals

Being a member has its benefits. Sears Members are rewarded with certain savings emailed directly to them. They also they earn points (without getting a Sears Credit Card) for every purchase. For more information, check their homepage and click “join for free".

Creative Deal Hunting

Discounts via Social Media

While not heavily driven by social media, occasionally Sears will post sales and other special offers on their official Facebook and Twitter pages.

How Experts Save Even More

Best Sales of the Year

The best sales of the year generally occur during major holiday seasons, including Christmas, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, etc.

Best Time to Shop Here

Any of the major sale seasons are ideal times to look for ways to save money.

In-Store vs. Online

There are often a host of online-only deals at Sears that can not be used for in-store purchase.