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Founded in 1891, Samuel Jewelers is known as "The House of Lucky Wedding Rings." Legend has it, if you purchased your wedding ring from this jeweler, you would be married forever. The jeweler has a full line of engagement rings and wedding bands for men and women. Plus promise rings, personalized jewelry, gemstones and watches. Browse a selection of breathtaking rings, necklaces and earrings with deep blue sapphires, bright emeralds, lush pearls and opals. Don't know your ring size? Don't fret. Print out a ring sizer, wrap it around your finger and find out in seconds. You can also check out the jeweler's information page. Learn all about things like the 4Cs of diamonds: cut, clarity, carat and color, as well as fun facts to impress your mate. For instance, did you know that diamonds are made of carbon -- just like the lead in your pencil or the charcoal on the grill? Who knew? Samuels Jewelers does, that's for sure.