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It's a 7" tablet. It's a 65" TV. It's Samsung. It also happens to be one of the most recognizable brands in the world. And, for good reason. For over 70 years, this retailer has delivered technological bliss. Its innovations touch everything from skyscrapers and semiconductors to fashion and finance. The retail division brings you cameras and camcorders. PCs and printers. Watches (that play music) and washing machines. From the latest laptop to the lowly light bulb Samsung lights up the world. It even has a refurbished store where you can find these great products for less. And, Samsung wants to make sure you can groove to a tune with your purchase. It created Milk Music to bring you some 13 million songs on over 200 stations. Get Milk Music on your phone, tablet and PC. You'll be saying, "Mmm�Milk Music�does a body good."