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When you eat pizza at Round Table Pizza, you'll understand why the company calls its pizza the 'last honest pizza.' Since its beginnings in Menlo Park, California in 1959 until today, Round Table has used the freshest ingredients. These pizzas start from dough made from scratch and are topped with only the freshest, most succulent garden vegetables and the tastiest of meats. It doesn't matter if you create your own pizza or go with one of the specialty pizzas. You'll get the same dough, the same meats, the same garden vegetables. And don't forget that each pizza comes with a selection of excellent cheeses! For a complete meal, choose the buffet option and get items like bread sticks and garden salad to go with your pizza. With such choices, it's easy to see why countless people have made Round Table their restaurant of choice for a simple, quick lunch for two, for birthday parties, and for carry out on the way home from work.