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BethC 24 months ago (7/18/2013)

tested on in flight nightlights

MLP 27 months ago (4/29/2013)

tested on Jungle Jam Dream Blanket in Giraffe & White

MLP 28 months ago (3/28/2013)

Tested on Framed Whale Baby Art Print on Wood

MLP 29 months ago (2/25/2013)

Tested on Tested on MiGi Little Whale Baby Bedding Set

Anonymous 30 months ago (1/23/2013)

Tested on Venezia Convertible Crib

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Rosenberry Rooms is all about expression. After all, nothing says, “This is me!” like your daughter’s favorite “I love dance” T-Shirt care of Rosenberry Rooms. The same goes for the cute wall decals filled with happy children, rubber duckie nightlight, or sweet and frilly canopy bed in your child’s room. If you’ve gotten the impression that Rosenberry Rooms is more than an online clothing store, more than a place to buy children’s bedroom furniture, you are right. The company’s products speak in the sweet tones of childhood, which is filled with flowers and toy planes and all manner of sweetness and motherly security. No matter what your child loves, you’ll find it here from quirky hats to traditional bedding styles. The company also offers services like sample swatches of fabric, theme-room designs, customer service, and to-your-door delivery. In other words, Rosenberry Rooms lets you and your children express the sweetness of childhood, no matter how it may manifest itself in your house.