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It’s correct to say that Rodale’s philosophy is healthy solutions for a happy life. But what does that mean exactly? It means that if you need a new shirt, you can search the Rodale Wellness site for a shirt made from organic cotton. You wear something like this with confidence, because you know it’s non-toxic to your skin and to the planet. But it also looks great. Same could be said for that new powder compact or mascara you need. Unlike most beauty products on the shelves, 90% of which have tested positive for toxins, Rodale Wellness's beauty products don’t have any. And, of course, none of this means much if the food you eat contains dangerous toxins. But Rodale Wellness helps you fight back by providing you with wholesome foods you can eat without worry. And best of all, you don’t need to research the safety of these products -- Rodale is the name behind publications like “Organic Gardening,” “Prevention,” and “Running Times.” Healthy is in Rodale’s genes. So relax. You get healthy. You stay happy. Rodale does the work to keep you that way.