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Road ID began by accident—quite literally. An avid runner, Edward Wimmer was training for his first marathon when he landed in a ditch without any form of identification. His father, Mike Wimmer, had always wanted him to carry some form of ID should something happen, but Edward had always dismissed his concern. It wasn’t until he was nearly hit by a truck and laying on the side of the road that Edward began to consider what would have happened to him had he been transported to an ER as a “John Doe.” And Road ID was born. Now outdoor enthusiasts can enjoy activities, sports, and more, while wearing personal identification wear that will help them in the event of an emergency. Road IDs come in a variety of styles and colors, and includes all your pertinent information, including emergency contacts. Shop their badges, reflective bands and accessories, t-shirts, socks, high-visibility gear and more to keep yourself safe on the road.


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