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Say buh-bye to suffering through un-syncable playlists, devices with limited space, annoying ads and limited skips, and hello to simply grooving to your favorite tunes. Rhapsody lets you stream millions - yes, millions! - of songs, ad-free, from almost any device with an Internet connection: laptops, tablets, smartphones, TVs, home audio systems and more. You can even access Rhapsody through your XBOX console. With a Rhapsody unRadio subscription, you'll have all your favorite artists and albums right at your fingertips. Play them one by one or mix it up. Rhapsody will also recommend songs and artists it thinks you might like, based on stuff you've already listened to. Hear something you absolutely love? Upgrade to Rhapsody Premier and you can download and keep it forever. Still not convinced? Anyone can try Rhapsody free for fourteen days, with no absolutely obligation and no credit card required. Then, just try to go back to the way you used to listen to music.


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