Types of Deals


Simply tune in to QVC to get the scoop on featured deals. You can call the listed number to purchase, but QVC also makes television truly interactive. If you have internet-enabled TV, you can install a Yahoo! TV widget that allows you to order QVC items right from your television. The Google TV app works in a similar manner. Both allow customers to place orders, set up accounts, view product choices and check order status.

QVC Outlet Savings

If you’d like to get out of the house to shop around, you won’t regret driving to a QVC outlet store. Locations can be found at QVC.com. You can sign up for QVC’s outlet emails to always get the latest or just visit their site to get all the details about outlet discounts and sales schedules, and plan your savings expedition!

Web Bargains

If you don’t live near an outlet store, your best bet for savings is at the clearance section of QVC's website. Be sure to also check the “Last Clicks” page for a treasure trove of bargains, or shop their “As-Is” products for comparable savings.

Buy Now, Pay Later: A Payment Plan that’s a Savings Win

QVC offers a payment-plan option called Easy Pay on many (but not all) items. When you choose Easy Pay, you’ll enjoy what amounts to an interest-free loan on the price of your purchase. You don’t even have to have a QVC credit card (Q Card) to enjoy this benefit - just choose Easy Pay and use a major credit card, and you’ll be charged for a fraction of the purchase price up front, with the remaining monthly payments to follow. This allows you to spread out the price of your purchase over several months without incurring finance charges, and you can even pay off the balance early if you’re ready to do that. The length of the Easy Pay plan and number of installments varies from item to item.

Creative Deal Hunting

QVC Apps

This is not your grandmother’s QVC: you can download QVC apps for Android, Blackberry and iOS. Custom apps related to beauty and cooking are exclusive to iOS users. These apps feature tips for using products you can purchase at QVC as well as sales within particular brands and product categories. On the iOS and Android platforms, the QVC app let you live-stream their TV programs. All apps, regardless of the platform, allow users to complete purchases and even set up customer accounts. They feature easy navigation to Today’s Special Deal, One-time only savings, and more opportunities to find amazing bargains. Using a Windows computer? Stay in the know with QVC’s Desktop Alert app, which you can customize to display sales on the kinds of items you wish to purchase on your schedule.

The Thumbs Have It: Text Alerts and Ordering

You don’t even need Wi-Fi to place an order at QVC. Getting the savings is as simple as sending a text message! Sign up for Text Alerts in any product categories you choose, and you’ll know what’s on sale and how long the savings will last. When you find an item you want, just text QVC with the item number you’d like, confirm with your PIN, and the order is on its way. You can even place text orders while you’re watching QVC on TV, and like every other method of shopping QVC, it’s available 24 hours a day.

Social Media

Want the latest? Follow QVC on Twitter to find out the newest bargains and get last-chance notifications on popular items. Or plug in QVC’s RSS feed to the reader of your choice to get a heads-up on the biggest daily bargains. Least helpful in terms of savings are QVC’s Pinterest, Tumblr and Google+ accounts. Google+ is rarely updated and the other two are more focused on idea-sharing than bargain-sharing.

How Experts Save Even More

Save Without Watching

You don’t have to watch infomercials to enjoy the huge savings on name brands that QVC offers. In fact, you don’t need TV at all. QVC brings e-commerce into the 21st century with internet and mobile sales platforms which compliment its broadcast business. They’ve even got a webpage titled “QVC Everywhere” detailing all of their apps, social-media outlets and more. No more waiting around at home for your favorite deal to show up on TV! The products shown on television are only a fraction of QVC’s vast selection, so shopping QVC online allows you to enjoy even more savings. Plus, shopping from the convenience of your home is guilt-free since many items on QVC.com qualify for free shipping and handling. Check here for details.