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Anonymous 33 months ago (11/18/2012)

It should really say off $100, irritating

Anonymous 33 months ago (11/17/2012)

it's 10% of $100.00

Anonymous 34 months ago (10/24/2012)

was able to use the coupon - saved 21.98 on my order - that's getting 1 set free!!

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Even the smallest of candles can make your home elegant and create a warm and inviting atmosphere. At Quick Candles, you can get a number of different candles and special glassware for a fraction of what you might expect to pay in retail stores. Regardless of whether you are hosting a special event or you simply want something that leaves your home smelling amazing, you can get it all right here with Quick Candles. Classic and sophisticated is exactly what you can expect to get with a variety of candles. Choose a classic glass votive or one of their festive colors to give your candles a touch of color and give your room a sense of ambience that is unsurpassed. Make sure to check out their engraved glass to commemorate your event with a gift that keeps on giving. Vases, tealight candles, floating candles, pillar candles and more are all right here at Quick Candles.