Types of Deals

Coupon Codes

Entering a coupon code at checkout is one of the best ways to save on your floral purchase. You can select the most appropriate coupon for your purchase right on ProFlowers' website. You can also get awesome savings at ProFlowers by using a coupon code from radio and TV commercials, or right here at ultimatecoupons.com. While ProFlowers.com doesn’t allow customers to stack coupon codes or special offers, if you have more than one coupon code they will do the comparison legwork for you! To figure out which code will save you the most money, enter them one at a time during checkout. Once you enter a second code, ProFlowers will recalculate your total using the second code and will ask you to select the coupon that works best for you. You can even send several bouquets to different recipients on different dates, and still get the same savings with your coupon code, all in the same transaction!

7-Day Guarantee

Sure, you look like a hero when you send a beautiful bouquet of roses to your loved one, but you look like a zero when those roses take a nose-dive two days later. ProFlowers guarantees that this won’t happen with their flowers. If your cut flowers don’t stay fresh and beautiful for seven days, they’ll replace your order or refund your money. Potted plants are guaranteed for 14 days.

Deals of the Day

Promotional daily deals are offered at ProFlowers.com. Simply click the “Deals of the Day” link under the “Specials” tab at the top right corner of the page, and choose your discounted bouquet.

Browse Items on Sale

In addition to daily deals, other specials are offered on ProFlowers' sale page. You’re likely to find a wide selection of reasonably priced offers on this page. Assortments change periodically here, so don’t neglect this option on your search for a beautiful gift. A great price doesn’t mean you’ll be sacrificing quality either. ProFlowers' sale items have the same quality guarantee as regular-priced items.

Surprises at Work

ProFlowers guarantees delivery to business addresses by 5 p.m. on weekdays, so if you want to score extra points with your sweetheart, you can get those birthday, anniversary or “just because” flowers delivered to her office. There’s no extra charge for business delivery—and no extra charge for making her coworkers jealous.

How Experts Save Even More

Order Early

Planning ahead is particularly profitable when it comes to ordering flowers for Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day, when the markup on flowers is huge. ProFlowers lets you order up to eight weeks ahead of time, allowing you to lock in a great price. Scheduling your delivery slightly before the holiday can help you save as well, especially if the holiday falls on a weekend or a Monday.

Get Reminders

Ordering at the last minute can cause your flower prices to skyrocket. ProFlowers.com helps you plan ahead by sending you email reminders—if you sent your sweetheart a birthday bouquet last August, you’ll get a reminder ahead of time so you don’t have to pay for rush delivery. These reminders generally include a coupon code or special offer and will save you some time chasing down a coupon code before your purchase. And the reminder service is free!