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Disappointed 15 months ago (9/04/2014)

Would be nice if you advised as to if the coupons worked or not. Instead of leaving the coupons posted for months at a time only to find that not a single one works. We clearly see that you have tested them, but did they work?

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Expired. Why does Ultimate Coupons show expired coupons?

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Prep Sportswear is in the business of sports apparel. But not just any sports apparel ... It's a place to get sports apparel and accessories for the not-so-obvious, but still die-hard sports fan. Need a sports hoodie for your favorite student attending the American Film Institute Conservatory? Prep Sportswear is the place you'll find that. What about a T-Shirt for a fan of the small-town vintage football club, the Caldwell Cubs? Yep. Prep Sportswear has the insignia to make apparel for that as well. In fact, this company has a wide selection of sports-related items for the traditional, the quirky, and even the nostalgic sports fan. Prep Sports stocks over 600 different accessories and apparel pieces, including for sports like military teams, fantasy football enthusiasts, and vintage sports companies. But despite this, each item is made to suit order and goes out of the Prep Sportswear's doors within four days of the ordering being placed. Prep Sportswear takes you beyond the insignia and connects you with your favorite sports team no matter what your favorite team is.


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