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PexSupply has been in business since 2003 and is one of the leading online suppliers of plumbing and heating supplies.

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Tested on 3/8" Oxygen Barrier PEX Tubing.

15 months ago (10.16.2013) by Christine

Tested on Ultra 230 - 183,000 BTU High Efficiency Boiler
(NG or LP)

23 months ago (3.04.2013) by Kasey

didn't work

28 months ago (9.27.2012)

Tested on 3/8" Oxygen Barrier PEX Tubing (600 ft Coil)

28 months ago (9.26.2012) by Kasey

PexSupply Coupons


Doesn't work

10 months ago (3.15.2014)

bait and switch

10 months ago (3.15.2014) by fuucked


12 months ago (1.12.2014)

Doesn't work

12 months ago (1.02.2014)

Doesn't work

14 months ago (11.21.2013)

It repeatedly told me the promo was already entered but it never reflected in my total purchase of $161...

14 months ago (11.16.2013) by kg4p55

Coupons for PexSupply

Tested on 6" No Hub Coupling.

10 months ago (3.03.2014)

Worked on 3/4" 8C Hose Connection
Vacuum Breaker
(Chrome Plated)

18 months ago (7.25.2013)

Tested on Diva 1-Pole 600VA (450W) Dimmer w/ Locator Light (Biscuit)

23 months ago (3.04.2013) by Kasey

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