Typical Discounts

Money-Saving Emails

Join Personalization Mall's mailing list. They will send you a coupon for $5 off as a sign up bonus. You will continue to receive special offers and discounts on a regular basis. Subscribers are always the first to find out about new products, and they even get free gift-giving tips.

Personal Rewards

Join the free My Personal Rewards program to enjoy special members-only deals throughout the year. Members earn one reward point for every $1 spent. Every 200 points earns you a $10 store credit. Every 400 points increases it to a $25 credit. Rack up 600 points to receive a credit worth $50! Double Point Deals occur from time to time. You get 100 bonus points on your birthday. You also get access to dedicated phone and email representatives to help with your orders.

Get Coupon Savings

Typical coupon codes for this site offer percentage-off and dollar-off savings. Most apply sitewide and do not require a minimum purchase. Free shipping discount codes can sometimes be found, though, some require minimum purchase.

Save with Sales

PersonalizationMall.com typically has several sales in progress at any given time. These sales are advertised in a banner on their homepage. They are generally percentage-off and category-specific sales. These sales are time sensitive and change frequently. Do not miss out on their Daily Deals. These offer huge savings, but only limited quantities are available, and products do sell out. The biggest savings can be found on their Clearance page.

Creative Deal Hunting

Sales on Social Media

Find great savings by following them on Facebook, where they post exclusive coupon codes. A “Deal of the Week” is regularly advertised, too. Sales are also announced often on this page. Watch for sitewide flash sales, which offer savings codes valid for only six hours. Some of these deals are highlighted on their Twitter feed, but not all. You can sometimes get entered to win prizes by re-pinning to the site’s Pinterest board.

Blog Contests

Visit A Personal Touch, the Personalization Mall’s blog. The blog is full of tips and tricks to make your parties and presents extra special. While you are there, enter to win in the current contest. These may offer prizes such as gift cards or free personalized items.

Happy Birthday to You

Rewards members receive 100 free bonus points as a special present on their birthday.

AAA Bonus

AAA members can earn bonus rewards points by shopping here through the AAA portal. Earn five WOWPoints for every $1 spent. WOWPoints can be redeemed for rewards, including a variety of shopping, dining and travel offers. PersonalizationMall.com even allows AAA members to pay with their WOWPoints.

How Experts Save Even More

Best Sales of the Year

Personalized gifts are perfect for holiday gift-giving. They add that extra-special touch to show you really care. The good news is that personalization is always free on every gift at PersonalizationMall.com. Take advantage of last-minute holiday sales for amazing discounts. Post-holiday clearance sales are even better. Stock up on items to save for next year at super-low prices.

Stackable Savings

Only one coupon code is allowed per order. You can, however, use most codes on sale and clearance items.