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Everyone has probably heard of the winged horse named Pegasus, but did you know he carried lightning bolts for Zeus? This makes him a perfect mascot and name for a lighting company. Pegasus Lighting is an online retailer which branched off from a parent company in 1993. Founder Dr. Thomas E. Farin has extensive training and education in the field, which he uses to supply customers with the most innovative and unique products along with excellent customer service. Shop here for the widest selection of residential and commercial light fixtures, bulbs, power supplies and controls. Pegasus Lighting supplies everything from battery-operated lights and Christmas strands to solar lighting solutions and security lights. The site sells all types of bulbs, including fluorescent, halogen, Xenon, LED and traditional incandescent bulbs to fit antique fixtures. You will also find remote controls, dimmers and switches, and everything from night lights to floodlights.


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