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Busy, active men don’t have time to be traipsing through malls and shopping centers looking at mediocre-quality, cookie-cutter clothing. And they don’t have to. Combining classic design, contemporary fashion and competitive prices, Paul Fredrick Menstyle features a full assortment of men’s clothing and accessories. From formal to casual, the product line includes stylish suits, sport coats, pants, dress shirts and ties to shoes, sweaters and sports shirts. And when a man adds an extra dash of class with a new belt, hat, pocket square, lapel pin, or cufflinks, he distinguishes himself as a person of taste and style, whether it's at that special event, business lunch, on the golf course or just a day at the office. After 25 years in the business, Paul Fredrick Menstyle knows men’s clothing and keeps its finger on the pulse of the latest styles and fashions.