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Overland appreciates the many benefits of high-quality clothing and accessories. For more than 40 years, the company has provided its customers with a growing collection of outerwear, footwear, apparel and bags made out of incredibly fine sheepskin, leather, wool and other materials. Choose from a broad selection of women's and men's coats that include fur and sheepskin styles as well as leather and wool options, or consider a vest or cape to help keep you warm each winter. Sweaters and fleece as well as fabric and down jackets are also offered. Cozy socks, slippers and boots help ensure you stay warm down to your toes, while a wide selection of hats including headbands and earmuffs can be purchased for any member of your family. Styles ranging from Western wear to more traditional or contemporary plus home accessories such as rugs and pillows allow you to fully enjoy the Overland difference any time you like.