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You may wonder how that little penguin adorning the breast of polo shirts for the past 60 years became an iconic fashion emblem. It’s a funny story. Back in 1955, a Minneapolis salesman named Abbot Pederson purchased a stuffed penguin, which he named Pete, as a traveling companion during a trip to New York City. Somehow Pete’s head got knocked off during the flight home, and the stewardess repaired him by wrapping Abbot’s necktie around the penguin’s neck. She remarked that such a dapper penguin should be immortalized, and the Original Penguin clothing company was born. The brand was immediately popular with celebrity clientele, and after a couple of decades out of the spotlight, enjoyed a resurgence with young trendsetters in the 2000s. Original Penguin now includes a full line of apparel and accessories for men, women and kids, including its iconic golf and polo shirts, dresses, jackets and more.