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Since 1999, OneSuite has been saving customers money with its pioneering prepaid integrated telecom service. Taking advantage of innovative and affordable cloud technologies and a global telecom network, means that OneSuite can pass savings along to customers, for the most reliable and inexpensive telecommunications service available. OneSuite offers pay-as-you-go billing, so calls are deducted from your prepaid account balance; therefore, you are never paying for services or minutes which you don’t use. Choose from a variety of plans to fit your calling needs, including hybrid long distance calling, subscription-based VoIP and internet fax services. Customers can take advantage of international call forwarding and toll-free service, or the company’s small office and home office services, which allow for multiple account management. OneSuite’s global coverage is compatible with all wireless and wired phone types, IP-enabled phones and computers. The company’s resources, infrastructure, tech support and customer service is included with your subscription.