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NorthStyle is a store specializing in gifts, apparel, accessories, and collectibles with an accent on the great outdoors: rustic bedding, bird feeders, casual clothing, pillows and throws, herbal wreaths, country candles, turquoise jewelry, country shelves and cabinets: a cabinful of value! They are a member of the Potpourri Group of stores.

Hand Tested Coupons

Coupons for NorthStyle


29 days ago (9.25.2014) by robbin Mancuso

shame on this company, I would say Beth C and Allison's real name are one and the same: Ultimate

1 month ago (9.23.2014) by Judy C (a real person)

Be careful with this one. There is no place on the NorthStyle site to plug in a coupon code. When you call customer service, they will tell you they do not accept coupon codes but if you are lucky, they may take the shipping off for you anyway.

2 months ago (8.18.2014) by Michelle

Does not work, spoke with North Style and was told they do not issue on line coupons. First & last visit to ultimate coupons .

3 months ago (7.18.2014) by Diana

No place on order for code - I called Customer service before placing order and the agent said she would apply the discount...Will see what happens.

4 months ago (6.14.2014) by Barb T.

What does "Hand Tested" mean anyway? It is vague, and doesn't mean the coupon worked.

4 months ago (6.12.2014) by Enter Your Name

Enter a comment

4 months ago (6.12.2014) by Enter Your Name

Forget this one. No place to enter a code and will not let you login to your account today 6-12-14

4 months ago (6.12.2014) by Dawn C

My order is over $100 and no free shipping.

4 months ago (6.03.2014) by Tedndar

Seems like Allison is a "verifier" for ultimate coupons. Shame on your "Allison"

5 months ago (5.22.2014) by Amy

Does not work.

5 months ago (5.16.2014)

Does not work. My order is more than 95 and still charging

7 months ago (3.01.2014)


8 months ago (2.07.2014) by SCAMMED!!!!


9 months ago (1.05.2014)

Did not work on 12/30/2013

9 months ago (12.30.2013) by Carol

Didn't work

10 months ago (12.15.2013)

Verified on Ruffles and Pintucks Shirt

10 months ago (12.03.2013) by Allison


11 months ago (11.20.2013) by Ava

Verified on Fit and Flare Ponte Dress

11 months ago (11.19.2013) by Allison

After placing order, you get a pop up for free shipping and another offer, but you have to join the VIP club, and that costs 14.99 per month! crazy! I'll just pay the shipping.

12 months ago (10.11.2013)

doesn't work. no place to enter code.

12 months ago (10.11.2013)

There was no place to enter a code. Did not get free shipping.

12 months ago (10.06.2013)

NO GOOD!!!! Northstyle says you are issuing FRAUDULENT CODES. They NEVER have FREE SHIPPING and every code you issue for them is a FAKE. You embarrassed me when I called and said I couldn't enter the code. Northsyle does NOT have a place to enter codes on its orders because they accept NONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

12 months ago (9.30.2013) by MDM

There was no pop up. Could not use the code to get free shipping.

13 months ago (9.25.2013)

Verified on Petite Classic Slenderizing Pants

13 months ago (9.23.2013) by Allison

This company does NOT accept ANY type of coupon code!!!! Representative said anything you find on Internet is fraudulent!!

13 months ago (9.14.2013) by Eileen

tested on Sterling Larimar Earrings

14 months ago (8.26.2013) by BethC

North Style doesn't have a place on their checkout page to add the promo code and when you contact customer service on how to get the code they never respond to your email. Not a great online company!

14 months ago (8.12.2013)

Does not work

14 months ago (8.03.2013)

tested on floral printed georgette skirts

15 months ago (7.29.2013) by BethC

Doesn't work and Northstyle denies that they ever provide a coupon code for entry on the checkout screen. Why does this site say verified 100% success?

15 months ago (7.21.2013)

tested on lightweight plaid slip ons

15 months ago (7.08.2013) by BethC

Site did not come up with a coupon code spot when I tried placing an order.

16 months ago (6.26.2013) by Kim W.

tested on casual slides

16 months ago (6.17.2013) by BethC


Verified on Floral Print Knit Nightgown

10 months ago (12.16.2013) by Allison


11 months ago (11.20.2013) by AVA

They do not accept coupons

11 months ago (11.01.2013)

verified on Lavender Striped Pajamas

14 months ago (8.19.2013) by BethC

NorthStyle Coupons


Why are you advertising these coupons anyway!? What a waste!

1 month ago (9.21.2014) by Enter Your Name

NorthStyle NEVER accepts any kind of coupons or free shipping, ever.

1 month ago (9.01.2014) by R

False advertising. The company does NOT accept discounts.

5 months ago (5.04.2014)

They do not accept coupons.

9 months ago (1.16.2014)

No place to enter any codes. If they don't have this option why are you promoting any type of codes?

12 months ago (10.20.2013)

no place on order to enter ANY CODE(S) (just order and submit) disappointing-- did not place the order!

13 months ago (9.10.2013)

There was no place to add the code.

15 months ago (7.27.2013) by Susan

Not only does this not work, I called NorthStyle and they said they NEVER accept any kind of coupons or free shipping, ever.

15 months ago (7.26.2013) by Sarah

There was no place to enter the free shipping code.

15 months ago (7.20.2013)

This company does not honor any on line coupons

16 months ago (6.18.2013)

No discounts of ANY kind.

16 months ago (6.14.2013) by Geraldine

No place on order to insert code. Was not able to use.

16 months ago (6.11.2013) by PJ

There is no place to enter a promo code. Only a gift card and then you have to call them.

18 months ago (4.10.2013)

they don't have a box to put this coupon number in prevented me from purchasing 2 items really wanted

19 months ago (3.30.2013) by Laura

they did not apply this to my order

20 months ago (2.20.2013)

no place to put discount code

31 months ago (3.20.2012)

Northstyle coupons do not work! There is not even a place on their site to enter a code.

31 months ago (3.14.2012) by Nancy

When I went on the site to check out there wasn't place for a discount code. Only for a gift card

32 months ago (2.08.2012) by Geri


Doesn't work 10-4-14

20 days ago (10.04.2014) by Enter Your Name

doesn't work 9-27-14

27 days ago (9.27.2014)

doesn't work 9-1-14

1 month ago (9.01.2014)

no place to redeem these discounts

19 months ago (3.30.2013) by laura


Doesn't work 10-4-2014

20 days ago (10.04.2014) by Enter Your Name

Didn't work

26 days ago (9.28.2014) by CSShopper

No place listed for promo code

3 months ago (7.26.2014) by The Boss

No Coupon code field.... No Business from me. Too bad.

6 months ago (4.17.2014) by Enter Your Name

No place for promo code….like everyone else is say. Goodbye…no business here.

7 months ago (3.11.2014)

I was expecting I would obtain an post such as this with all the current information I want to to have my own school assignment completed…. Thanks.

9 months ago (1.24.2014) by Lillian

Im obliged for the article post.Much thanks again. Awesome.

10 months ago (12.07.2013) by Aria

Still no place in your shopping cart or during checkout to enter codes. You really shouldn't post these if you can't redeem them on the site. Whoever is "verifying" these is lying.

11 months ago (10.31.2013)

coupon code wouldn't open to give code

13 months ago (9.29.2013)

No place on order to enter code(s)--disppointed. Did not place the order!

13 months ago (9.10.2013) by Annette

there wasn't a field to enter any coupon code in NorthStyle's order page, so couldn't try it

14 months ago (8.22.2013)

they do not offer coupons. you are listing false information

15 months ago (7.24.2013)

Could not get the codes

17 months ago (5.26.2013)

I don't see where this customer has a place on their checkout for entering a code. Please help.

18 months ago (5.02.2013) by Bonnie

I couldn't use the coupon either- big rip off on shipping charges

18 months ago (4.06.2013)

i hope I get this.

20 months ago (2.22.2013) by Janet Beck

I would like to get that $ 20.00 discount, so will help to pay for shipping and little extra also will help.

20 months ago (2.20.2013) by Elizabeth Fras

not sure why i did not get this applied to my order ?

20 months ago (2.20.2013)

there was nowhere on the order from to enter a coupon code

20 months ago (2.12.2013)

Nowhere during the checkout process is there a place to type in a promo code. Plus this company charges an exhorbitant amount for shipping!

21 months ago (1.27.2013)

ya know what that happened with a different store. offered coupons but couldn't print them out. full of ish

21 months ago (1.05.2013)

I just called them and they said there isn't even a spot on their site for coupon codes and they don't take coupons.

23 months ago (11.26.2012) by MS

I didn't see anywhere on the online order page to enter a promo code.

23 months ago (11.24.2012)

why do you post coupons that don't work?

23 months ago (11.22.2012) by dale

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Savings Tips

Typical Discounts

Sign Up for Savings

NorthStyle customers have the option of signing up for their newsletter, which contains special offers, sale announcements and style trends. Occasionally, email subscribes even have the chance at winning a $100 gift card!

Customers can also sign up to receive a free catalog by mail.

Become a VIP

Free shipping is available on every order when customers enroll in the NorthStyle VIP Membership program. Upon enrollment, customers are treated to a variety of special deals, including cash back rebates and gift card savings.

Usual Coupon Discounts

Various coupon codes are occasionally available, both through affiliate sites and right on their homepage.These coupons generally require a minimum purchase, and offer percentage or dollar-off savings.

Shopping the Sales

Customers can save up to 60% off when they shop NorthStyle's outlet section. A variety of items are featured in this section, all at a fraction of their original price. Selection and markdowns change toward the end of each season.

How Experts Save Even More

The NorthStyle Guarantee

NorthStyle prides itself on its wonderful customer service. If a you are not 100% satisfied with your order, you can easily return or exchange it. Contact their customer service team directly to learn more.

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