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Vapers looking for the optimum enjoyment should check out the electronic options at NJOY. On a mission to make cigarettes obsolete, NJOY is dedicated to delivering the best non-tobacco smoking experience with the same satisfaction as traditional combustible tobacco, but with a safer, more pleasurable alternative. NJOY offers vaping e-liquids and kits, as well as NJOY Kings, an electronic option designed to look and feel like an actual cigarette, with a soft filter and glowing ember-like tip. NJOY has also developed the best rechargeable electronic cigarette system, which allows users to store up to five different flavors and recharge via USB charger. NJOY’s delicious e-liquid flavors range from vanilla bean to single malt scotch, and can be interchanged for a different experience every time you vape. NJOY is independently owned and not associated with any big tobacco company. All NJOY products carry a 100% satisfaction guarantee and a one-year warranty.